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 JamesAlonzo Alonzo, JamesAlonzo, JamesHomecoming 2013Class of 1973
 JerrellAngell Angell, JerrellAngell, JerrellHomecoming 2013Shirin AngellShirin AngellClass of 1966
 KennethBaker Baker, KennethBaker, KennethHomecoming 2013Class of 1968
 PaulBechtold Bechtold, PaulBechtold, PaulHomecoming 2013Kay BechtoldKay BechtoldClass of 1968
 JeffreyBender Bender, JeffreyBender, JeffreyHomecoming 2013Courtney BenderCourtney BenderClass of 2006
 RobertBoord Boord, RobertBoord, RobertHomecoming 2013Mary BoordMary BoordClass of 1950
 RussellBriggs Briggs, RussellBriggs, RussellHomecoming 2013Class of 1958
 HaroldBrock Brock, HaroldBrock, HaroldHomecoming 2013Class of 1950
 JohnBurns Burns, JohnBurns, JohnHomecoming 2013Class of 1980
 John (Drew)Chelosky Chelosky, John (Drew)Chelosky, John (Drew)Homecoming 2013Class of 1997
 RobertCherry Cherry, RobertCherry, RobertHomecoming 2013Judy CherryJudy CherryClass of 1968
 RichardClark Clark, RichardClark, RichardHomecoming 2013Class of 1968
 BradleyClass Class, BradleyClass, BradleyHomecoming 2013Class of 2012
 JamesCondrin Condrin, JamesCondrin, JamesHomecoming 2013Maxine Condrin|Sandra Mey|Tony WebbMaxine Condrin
Sandra Mey
Tony Webb
Class of 1956
 MaureenConnolly Connolly, MaureenConnolly, MaureenHomecoming 2013Stephen GrayStephen GrayClass of 2004
 HarryCorbett Corbett, HarryCorbett, HarryHomecoming 2013Class of 1944
 RichardCrosbie Crosbie, RichardCrosbie, RichardHomecoming 2013Sandy Crosbie|Dorothy DavisSandy Crosbie
Dorothy Davis
Class of 1965
 DonaldDazen Dazen, DonaldDazen, DonaldHomecoming 2013Karolyn DazenKarolyn DazenClass of 1979
 KelseyDelGreco DelGreco, KelseyDelGreco, KelseyHomecoming 2013Class of 2012
 LouisDell'aquila Dell'aquila, LouisDell'aquila, LouisHomecoming 2013Kathy Dell'AquilaKathy Dell'AquilaClass of 1953
 NicholasDelsignore Delsignore, NicholasDelsignore, NicholasHomecoming 2013Class of 1961
 DanaDevereux Devereux, DanaDevereux, DanaHomecoming 2013Class of 1973
 MarvinDiehl Diehl, MarvinDiehl, MarvinHomecoming 2013Millie DiehlMillie DiehlClass of 1954
 DDouglass Douglass, DDouglass, DHomecoming 2013Beverly DouglassBeverly DouglassClass of 1945
 LynCelenzaDyster Dyster (Celenza), LynDyster (Celenza), LynHomecoming 2013Class of 1980
 PatriciaEastonEaston Easton, PatriciaEaston, PatriciaHomecoming 2013Dick EastonDick EastonClass of 1974
 LeonardEvans Evans, LeonardEvans, LeonardHomecoming 2013Class of 1968
 RobertEvans Evans, RobertEvans, RobertHomecoming 2013Jean EvansJean EvansClass of 1958
 KathrynFalk Falk, KathrynFalk, KathrynHomecoming 2013Kevin WilkesKevin WilkesClass of 2004
 ChristopherFaulk Faulk, ChristopherFaulk, ChristopherHomecoming 2013Class of 2010
 ChaunceyFrazier Frazier, ChaunceyFrazier, ChaunceyHomecoming 2013Maggie FrazierMaggie FrazierClass of 1956
 LoriMascettaGalley Galley (Mascetta), LoriGalley (Mascetta), LoriHomecoming 2013John GalleyJohn GalleyClass of 1988
 MallardGeorge George, MallardGeorge, MallardHomecoming 2013Donna GeorgeDonna GeorgeClass of 1973
 KeithGhezzi Ghezzi, KeithGhezzi, KeithHomecoming 2013Lisa GhezziLisa GhezziClass of 1977
 JoyceGolonkaGolonka Golonka, JoyceGolonka, JoyceHomecoming 2013Class of 1985
 GeraldGoltz Goltz, GeraldGoltz, GeraldHomecoming 2013Marla Reiter-Goltz|Joseph Goltz|Marissa Reiter Maslowski '08|Joe MaslowskiMarla Reiter-Goltz
Joseph Goltz
Marissa Reiter Maslowski '08
Joe Maslowski
Class of 1967
 DavidGove Gove, DavidGove, DavidHomecoming 2013Class of 1950
 TomGreen Green, TomGreen, TomHomecoming 2013June GoodmanJune GoodmanClass of 1976
 WilliamHartman Hartman, WilliamHartman, WilliamHomecoming 2013Sandy HartmanSandy HartmanClass of 1973
 EricHeld Held, EricHeld, EricHomecoming 2013Class of 1970
 RalphHirsch Hirsch, RalphHirsch, RalphHomecoming 2013Class of 1968
 CharvonneHolliday Holliday, CharvonneHolliday, CharvonneHomecoming 2013Class of 2008
 ElizabethHurwitzHurwitz-Schwab Hurwitz-Schwab (Hurwitz), ElizabethHurwitz-Schwab (Hurwitz), ElizabethHomecoming 2013Douglas SchwabDouglas SchwabClass of 1974
 EdwardJaeger Jaeger, EdwardJaeger, EdwardHomecoming 2013Sandy JaegerSandy JaegerClass of 1953
 SamuelJampetro Jampetro, SamuelJampetro, SamuelHomecoming 2013Tony Bonomo|Eliana BonomoTony Bonomo
Eliana Bonomo
Class of 1950
 AngelaJones Jones, AngelaJones, AngelaHomecoming 2013Class of 2011
 JeaneneJones Jones, JeaneneJones, JeaneneHomecoming 2013Mark Saniga '81Mark Saniga '81Class of 2013
 KellyKimberland Kimberland, KellyKimberland, KellyHomecoming 2013Class of 1991
 StephenKoury Koury, StephenKoury, StephenHomecoming 2013Joelynne KouryJoelynne KouryClass of 1988
 DennisKovalsky Kovalsky, DennisKovalsky, DennisHomecoming 2013Class of 1973