GOLDen alumni

For Washington & Jefferson College's young alumni, it's not just business as usual. W&J's graduates go on to become business leaders and outstanding community leaders, using their W&J education to guide them to success as they pursue their dreams. Some have used their degrees to the letter, others have gone in a completely new direction. Now we take a moment to catch-up with their lives post-W&J.

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Elizabeth Ziegler '08

Elizabeth Ziegler
, class of 2008, experienced W&J through many aspects: academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. President of KKG, captain of the volleyball team, and active member in many organizations, she was the archetype of an involved W&J student.

After graduation, she attended Notre Dame law school and currently works at Thorp Reed & Armstrong.
Her advice to undergraduates is not to take any W&J moment for granted and use all resources available. Her connections at W&J helped her become the successful professional she is today.

  "The managing partner at my firm who is a W&J grad gave me an interview for the firm's Summer Associate Program when I contacted him and told him I was a W&J grad. This eventually led to my permanent position, and for that, I am extremely grateful." 

"It is important to get out and meet people in your intended field, contact alumni, attend events, and learn as much as you can about things involved with what you want to do."
  Kathryn Falk, a graduate from the class of 2004, has reaped the benefits of W&J through campus life and academic relations. As an English and History dual major, Falk developed close advising relationships with Dr. Kyler and Dr. List. The guidance she received from these professors and her experiences at school lead her to current career.

Falk works at the Social Security Administration in the Office of Disability as an Attorney Adviser. She honors her professors and life at W&J for her professional success.

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Kathryn Falk '04

Devin O'Malley '09

Devin O’Malley, class of 2009, developed his passion for politics at W&J. His experiences on and off campus helped him to realize where he would fit in the professional world.

O’Malley was involved in student government, honor societies, and men’s lacrosse during his time at W&J. Currently he works as the Assistant to the Chief of Staff for U.S. Senator Rob Portman

His on-campus leadership roles, internships through W&J connections, experiences on the W&J campus, collegiate career, drive, and determination have helped him transform into a young professional.

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"Senator Obama and former President Bill Clinton visited the W&J campus, and Senator John McCain visited Washington, PA. At that time, the election was the most important our generation had ever seen. I had always been interested and involved in politics on some level, but the importance of that election and it playing out at W&J really piqued my interest."

"At W&J, I was able to do what I was good at (math) while doing what I really liked (art). I try to keep this balance wherever life takes me."
Jennifer Burkett, class of 2006, attained a dual major in Mathematics and Art during her time at W&J. With great help  and advice from her advisers, Burkett experienced the opportunities W&J has to offer through international travel and academics. During her academic career, she was involved in Kappa Kappa Gamma and the Red & Black.

Currently, she works at a non-profit organization, Fair Trade USA, as a Certification Manager. Each day, she is challenged professionally and creatively.

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Jennifer Burkett '06

Justin Swank '09
  Justin Swank, class of 2009, is currently a Manager for Graphic Design & Internal Initiatives. His campus involvement, professional adaptation, and connections at W&J helped him to pursue his current career.

With a bright outlook on the future and a thirst for the continual learning experience, Swank is passionate about his career and his experience at W&J. His advice to students is to take advantage of the resources at W&J and to network as much as possible with alumni and staff.

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  "Some of my biggest influences would have to be Billie Eaves, Ashley Williams, and Dr. Sam Fee. All of them helped me
grow so much as a person and provided continued support through my education at W&J. If not for what I learned through them, I would not nearly be as successful in what I do."

"As a W&J student, you have the invaluable opportunity
to build close relationships with your professors. I learned just as much outside of the classroom,
chatting about life with my professors, as I did inside of class."

  Jessica Balogh, class of 2009, attained a Business Administration and English dual major during her time at W&J. Currently, she is the Program Director of Animal Care & Assistance Fund and Administrative Assistant for the Emergency Department at the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center.

Balogh tributes her W&J experience to her professional success. While at W&J, Balogh was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Red & Black, Alpha Phi Omega, Business Club and German Club. She built close relationships with her professors, who helped guide her professionally and academically.

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Jessica Balogh '09