Become the President of Homecoming

Homecoming & Reunion Weekend 2011 is taking over campus (and parts of Washington, too)! With more than 40 events taking place over the weekend, we want to know who will be the President of Homecoming & Reunion Weekend 2011!

How can you become President?
At Homecoming, look for the W&J towers with the QR code (like the image on the left). Scan the code with a barcode scanner on your smart phone to check-in. The person to check-in to the most locations will become the President of Homecoming & Reunion Weekend 2011! In addition to being named President, the winner will receive a W&J tote bag filled with W&J memorabilia including a President of Homecoming t-shirt.

What other prizes will be awarded?
In addition to the President, prizes will be awarded to:
  • President of the Decades Award: The alumni with the oldest class year to check-in.
  • First on the Job Award: The first alumni to check-in at Homecoming & Reunion Weekend 2011.
  • Secret-Service Award: Find and check-in at all the hidden towers.
  • Air Force One Award: The alumni who traveled the farthest and checked-in.
  • Goodwill Ambassador: The first alumni to check-in to all the off-campus events.
  • Future President: The student who checks-in at the most locations.
Where do you check-in?
Look for the W&J towers at all Homecoming events, located either at the entrance to the event or inside the venue.
Hint:  In addition to having towers at the event locations, there will be hidden W&J towers at various campus locations, so keep an eye out!

Who all can participate?
Anyone with a phone with barcode scanning capabilities can play!

Helpful Hints
  • You don't need a Jay Connected log in to play. But if you have one, login to Jay Connected on your phone before Homecoming & Reunion Weekend 2011 to save time when checking in.
  • Keep a copy of the schedule of events handy so you know where the W&J towers may be.
  • Some events are held off campus. Make sure you look for the W&J towers there.

Note: This competition is open to W&J alumni only.