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As a small liberal arts college, W&J keeps close-knit ties to its alumni, parents, and friends. By reading the monthly eNewsletter or the alumni magazine, by participating in on and off-campus events, or by donating online to the annual fund, all College alumni, family and friends can feel connected in their own way.

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W&J Piano Program Sale
The Washington & Jefferson College Department of Music receives an annual loan of new Kawai pianos for our education, practice and performance needs. These pianos are provided at no charge to us. Having these pianos in our facility is essential to providing a proper learning experience for our students.

Nate Bellhy '15 Proud Member of a W&J Family
Nate Bellhy '15. of McDonald, Pa., is part of a proud family of Washington & Jefferson College Presidents. His older brother Zach graduated in 2013, his sister Beka is a member of the class of 2016 and his sister Rachel will be a freshman this fall. 

Walter Flamenbaum, M.D., '62 to receive the Distinguished Service Award
Walter Flamenbaum, M.D., '62 accredits his experiences at Washington & Jefferson College for making him the person he is today. Flamenbaum shows his appreciation for W&J as a dedicated volunteer, impacting the lives of dozens of students and alumni. For his unparalleled loyalty and service to the College, Flamenbaum is being honored as the 2014 Distinguished Service Award recipient.

Ronald Valdiserri, M.D., '73 to receive the Alumni Award for Achievement
Ronald O. Valdiserri, M.D., ’73 was appointed as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health, Infectious Diseases, in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2010. Working closely with the White House, his office oversees national strategies to improve health outcomes for Americans living with HIV, viral hepatitis and other infectious diseases of public health significance.

His contributions to the field of public health have been recognized by a number of awards including two Presidential Rank Awards of Meritorious Executives (2000 and 2006).

Kelly Dzumela George, Ph.D., '00 to receive the Outstanding Young Alumni Award
Kelly Dzumela George, Ph.D., ’00 is an Associate Principal Chemist at L’Oreal USA’s Research & Innovation Skin Care Development Laboratories in Clark, New Jersey, where she currently leads Innovation and Development projects for the Clarisonic brand. George was selected as a L’Oreal USA Research & Innovation Spokesperson in 2014.

For the dedication and passion she gives to her field, George is being recognized with the 2014 Outstanding Young Alumni Award. 

Forging Ties Between W&J and Japan: Edward Greb, Ph.D.
Edward Greb, Ph.D., professor of sociology, has dedicated his 38 years of service at Washington & Jefferson College to more than the classroom. He has fostered an international exchange, cross-cultural education and bonds between W&J and the Samukawa International Exchange Association in Japan.

An Appetite for Knowledge: Mei-Yu Yang
Mei-Yu Yang, adjunct professor of Chinese, has taught elementary, intermediate and advanced Chinese to dozens of students often through unique means; Yang has hosted Chinese cooking classes for the past two years.

Professor and Lifetime Learner: Robert Vande Kappelle, Ph.D.
When you walk into the office of Robert Vande Kappelle, Ph.D., professor of religious studies and College Chaplain, you can immediately tell what his passions in life are. The self-identified lifelong learner has books lining the shelves from a variety of authors, topics, and years.

“I have had fun every day; Thinking, reading and writing is my spirituality,” said Vande Kappelle.

Robert Dodge, Ph.D.: A Staple of the W&J Education
Throughout his 44 year career at Washington & Jefferson College, Robert Dodge, Ph.D., professor of history, has become an icon to the generations of students he has taught. When his name is mentioned in conversation, an image of Dodge, in his suit and tie, standing in front of a chalkboard in Old Main often comes to mind. His students immediately reminisce of his in-depth lectures and his difficult blue book exams. Luckily, students never had to wait too long after an exam to receive their grade.

Richard Easton: A Lifelong Member of the W&J Family
When asked what Washington & Jefferson College has meant to him, Richard Easton, professor of English, has a one word answer: family.

“I have my three children and my W&J children,” said Easton. "They are the wind beneath my wings."

Jenna Hackenberg '14 Grateful for Scholarship
Without the scholarship I received, I wouldn't have been able to attend W&J. It's as simple as that. Whether it was late nights studying with my close friends, exciting travel experiences with people who quickly became great friends, or times when professors have gone the extra mile, it is the people at W&J who have made my experiences possible.

Frank Galizia, Jr., '14 Shares His W&J Story
After my first introductory psychology class, I was a shy, nervous student who really kept to himself and was scared as to what to expect from W&J. I have joined various organizations throughout my journey at W&J, including the Asian Cultural Association, the Chinese Club, the International Club, Student Activities Board, and several academic honors organizations. I also have been afforded the opportunity to study abroad at Lingnan University in Hong Kong.

All of these experiences have helped to transform me into the more confident, outgoing individual that I am today. I continue to appreciate all of the experiences, skills, and countless opportunities W&J has provided me.

Your Support Made it Possible for Natalie Gill '16 to Travel Abroad
The concept of a liberal arts education is what made me choose W&J, and I am fortunate to be able to do well in the classroom while partaking in a plethora of exciting activities on campus. I spent a month last summer in Ireland, England, and France completing my first Magellan Project on American versus European presumptions about today’s rising generation of leaders. During my time abroad, I was forced to mature in independence and learn valuable life skills that I will use for years to come.

This life changing experience for me has been made possible through generous alumni donations. They also contribute to the fund by providing housing for traveling students all over the world, as well as setting up internships and interviews for various projects.

Brandon Rauch '14 Shares Thanks for Your Support
As I enter my second semester senior year, I have to take a second to reflect on my past four years at Washington & Jefferson College. As a German and music  double major, they have been four tremendously eventful years. All of my time and adventures on this campus have been supported greatly by generous friends, professors, administration, and alumni. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Alumni Celebrate Their W&J Love Stories
During your time at Washington & Jefferson College, you were challenged in the classroom, experienced one-of-a-kind travel opportunities, and created lifelong friendships and bonds. For some, you also met that special someone. In honor of Valentine's Day, we celebrate the love found at W&J by sharing some of your love stories.

The Benic Brothers Photograph Presidential Inaugurations
When brothers Tom Benic ’67 and Pat Benic ’70 were students at Washington & Jefferson College, photos of them could be found in the Red & Black as well as local newspapers regularly for their success on the wrestling mat. Now, the two brothers are behind the lens, documenting some of the most important moments in history, including the past two presidential inaugurations.


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